Fire Stick / Android TV Box

[June 14] Direct Downloader / APK URL:

How to install Filelinked app using Downloader Fire TV App

1) Download and install the app called “DOWNLOADER”
2) Open the DOWNLOADER APP and click on “Settlings” and click on “Enable JavaScript” to enable it. Go back to “HOME” in the app and type in this url
3) Click on “install” and then open it
4) Proceed to the next section “HOW TO INSTALL USING FILELINKED APP”

How to install Nitro APK using FILELINKED app

1) First close out all running apps before installing any new apps
2) Open the Filelinked app
3) When prompted for a code enter in 85644332
4) Click the Continue button.
5) Click the download arrow of the file you want downloaded
6) After the APK file is downloaded a play arrow will appear
7) Select on the play arrow
8) Select on Install tab
9) The Nitro app is now installed and you can adjust the apps settings to achieve optimal performance

M3U link for Perfect Player / Smart IPTV

iOS / Apple Devices


1) Download GSE IPTV from the App Store

2) To add the playlist, follow the steps below:
– Open up app and click on top left corner
– Scroll down to “Xtream Codes API”
– Press “+” at the top left corner
– Enter your Playlist name: Nitro TV
– Enter on the next line:
Username: (case sensitive)
Password: (case sensitive)
– Press add

3) To add the EPG, follow the steps below:
– Open the app then click the top left corner
– Scroll down to “EPG Program Guide”
– Press “+” at the top left corner
– Click Add Remote EPG Source
– Enter EPG name: Nitro TV
– EPG Source Link:
– Press add


1) Search IPTV Smarters on the app store

2) Enter your Username & Password

3) Enter URL:

Web Player


Go to on your PC, PS4, or any supported browser to use your account on our official web player.

Smart STB

1) Obtain your mac code by clicking the blue button on your remote inside the app

2) Go to this website:

3) Enter the MAC address of your device in the MAC address box in the external playlist section

4) Enter the following URL into the external playlist box on siptv:

5) Click ADD or SEND Link

MAG / STB / Dreamlink / Formuler


(Thats a lowercase L before the td)